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A space for idea sharing, brainstorming and access to information regarding social entrepreneurship and digital innovation for young women.

Our Partners

Albania | Korçë​

— The Coordinator: Economic Intelligence Centre​

Economic Intelligence Centre is an entrepreneurship incubator and is directly linked to its development. It has a resonance with the local community. The aim is to encourage social and economic development and improving life quality through business learning. Female entrepreneurship is a major lever of development and Lead Partner is considered to be the most appropriate to enhance the project’s goal by transferring their experiences in the context of the production of the social entrepreneurship educational guide model.

Fifty-Fifty 2
Greece | Thessaloniki​

— Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute​

Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute​ has great experience in organizing initiatives, seminars, workshops, conferences, while at the same time focusing on the acquisition of transnational cooperation in Balkans and Europe to mutually develop a healthy capacity building collaboration among organizations.

Poland | Warsaw​

— Fundacja Autokreacja​

Fundacja Autokreacja is a strong NGO with plenty of experience with projects in the field of youth. It has worked to enhance the employability of young people and their position in the labour market, addressing competences and skills in the framework of social entrepreneurship through game-based learning. As part of the Pandora project they focused on strengthening the role of women by discovering new opportunities for female entrepreneurship.


— The Innovation and Sustainable Development Institute​

The Innovation and Sustainable Development Institute, carries out seminars, workshops and research studies especially in the field of entrepreneurship. The president has experience as an instructor of non-formal education.

Spain | A Coruna​

— Asociación Cultural Integra​

Asociación Cultural Integra, cooperates at local, regional and national level with adult education centers and trade unions, schools, enterprises, public entities and diverse partner organizations in the field of education and vocational training. The partnership recognizes the social value of the transnational mobility and guarantees a positive local outcome.

Slovenia | Novo Mesto​

— Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto ​

Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto (Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto), is Slovenian non-governmental and humanitarian organisation, working in the public interest in the area of social care, youth and culture. DRPDNM also coordinates the REGIONAL NGO CENTRE. The goal is to encourage better development of NGOs, private institutions, their skills and public image and their cooperation with Local authorities, Universities, development centres, other public institutions.

Bosnia & Herzegovina | Sarajevo​


Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO) is non-profit and non-governmental organization, that constitutes of Youth and volunteers which are the strongest point of BRAVO and they are the most valuable part of it. BRAVO teams are working in following fields/topics: Human Rights, Anti-Trafficking, Reproductive health and STD-s, Sports on daily basis, Audio and Video production, organizing events, Entrepreneurship, IT, technology, Humanitarian actions, National and International projects, Support in fight against Criminal and Corruption, accelerating start-ups, Publishing books, brochures, newsletters, flyers, affiliations and other publications and a lot of others activities.

Montenegro | Herceg Novi​

— Center for Support of Local and Regional Development​

Center for Support of Local and Regional Development does capacity building through organization of professional programs, to assist the initiatives of individuals, institutions and / or civil society organizations in order to contribute to sustainable local and regional development; it is also specializing in education through the organization of professional meetings, seminars, trainings and other forms of professional education and training in the field of planning and implementation of local development projects and development of strategic development documents.

Hungary | City​

— ΕΜΙΝΑ Palyaorientacios Alapítvány

ΕΜΙΝΑ Palyaorientacios Alapítvány aims to promote career guidance and conscious way of life to young people and to facilitate both national and international events focused on the social situation of young generations. The foundation employs social workers, psychologists and sociologist in order to gain a closer view on the problems of group of teenagers, students and individuals. EMINA Career Guidance Foundation organizes individual guidance and group activities about school and working possibilities in order to help young people to face problems in the labour market. EMINA’s professionals take into consideration the following aspects during their activities: management skills, psychological, sociological, ethical, pedagogical aspects and communication skills. EMINA Career Guidance Foundation also focuses on activities aiming to protect socially disadvantaged youth. Besides guidance, the foundation conducts research and scientific activity as well as programs targeting different minority groups.