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A space for idea sharing, brainstorming and access to information regarding social entrepreneurship and digital innovation for young women.

About Gemini

Promoting the Social entrepreneurship and Digital innovation of young women

The motivation of this project is to facilitate, educate, intricate and reinforce women in social entrepreneurship and digital innovation, in order to acquire business fundamentals, provide finance and cost management tools in order to face both systemic and personal barriers to accessing capital. The project aims to create an online business accelerator simulator to help them access information regarding social entrepreneurship and a space for idea sharing, brainstorming and access to possible investors.

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We need to facilitate, educate, intricate and reinforce women in social entrepreneurship

Our Aim

The main aim of the project GEMINI is to promote the social entrepreneurship and digital innovation of young women.

In general, women are under-represented at the highest levels of organizations, receiving lower pay and fewer promotions than men. Currently, women constitute 52% of the total European population, but only 34.4% of the EU self-employed and 30% of start-up entrepreneurs. In the European Union, only 33% of managers were women. Also, women managers in Europe earn less compared to their male peers: when comparing different professions, managers had the largest differences in hourly earnings (23% lower for women).

Women face both “glass ceiling” and “sticky floor” problems: whereas the glass ceiling is an obstacle for highly educated women, the sticky floor is a problem for less-educated women. It has been claimed that being more qualified may be a woman’s best hope, although having an education does not necessarily bring women the same benefits that it brings men. According to the EU, female creativity and entrepreneurial potential are an under-exploited source of economic growth and jobs that should be further developed. The main challenges women entrepreneurs face when establishing and running a business are: access to finance, access to information, lack of training, access to networks for business purposes, reconciling business and family concerns.

It is emphasized that Erasmus+ is designed to tackle youth unemployment by improving their skills, while the Strategic Plan for Education and Training 2020 sets out common EU objectives to address the challenges of education and training systems.


Gemini Activities & Deliverables

to set-up the frame of the cooperation between all partner organisations, in order to generate a detailed project action plan

to train youth workers on how to use the Project methodology for women

to increase the professional competences of the leaders of the partner organisations

target group
GEMINI target groups are young women between 18 and 30 years old, vulnerable young women who have an interest in entrepreneurship.
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